Are You Ready?

Are you ready to advance in your career? Are you prepared for your ATI TEAS 6 test? September is fast approaching and now is the optimal time to hit the books.

Where to start with a month to go can be a daunting question, but with our ATI TEAS 6 Prep Course we have taken the hard part out of prep by condensing everything you need to know in a simple to use prep course.

The TEAS 6 Exam is no easy test, and preparing for it can be a challenge. You need the best prep material at your fingertips and you need the information presented in a manner that best suits your learning style. At Trivium Test Prep we’ve combined years of experience to accomplish just that.

With the date of the test fast approaching, we want you to leave no stone left unturned. You’ll have access to hundreds of prep questions and content that will assure you success on exam day.

If you purchase the 90-day course you can spend approximately 3 hours per week on the content and questions. If you do that it adds up to a total of around 38 hours of study time. This is all material you already know so 38 hours to refresh your memory and lock in the type of questions they’ll ask in your memory bank is plenty. We recommend no less than 35 hours of prep as it is scientifically proven to increase your chances of success.

If 3 hours per week is too much, we have a 180-day course as well as a 1 year for those who want to take their time and refresh at their leisure. Whichever course you choose, you cannot go wrong.

Study hard, but study smart and do it with Trivium Test Prep.

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