5 Tips You Must Know – Do not take our course without reading this first!

You’re probably thinking you’ve heard these tips before. But, you haven’t. Read on, I insist!

1. Sleep/Rest/R&R – You get my drift

Get some rest people! Overindulging in your studies and sacrificing sleep to read the final chapter does more harm than good. It’s not the best use of your time or energy. Sleep recharges your body and gives you the mental acuity to tackle what comes next. Artificially stimulating your mind with coffee or caffeinated tea is a bandaid to a bigger issue. Your body needs not only to sleep but also rest in between. I recommend taking a 10-minute break every 60 minutes to give your eyes a break and your mind a chance to digest everything you’ve been studying for the past hour.

2. Healthy Eating – Sure do Keto if you must!

I’m actually not a proponent of fad dieting, but I do recommend healthy eating before, during, and after your study sessions. Good stuff in, good stuff out. Oh, by the way, if you eat healthy meals #1 won’t be so challenging. You’ll have the energy to study, and good sleep when you are ready. I recommend going low on carbs (bread, treats, and things of that nature) and eating veggies and protein. They’ll give you sustainable energy and help with your focus. Ever read a page and wonder what you just read? There’s a really good chance if you think back hard enough that you were eating something from the no-no list prior to.

3. Study the right material – duh

There are dozens of options to choose from these days and sifting through them can be challenging. We recommend you start with the ATI and understanding what you will be tested on and to what extent. They make the test so they know! Visit: for more info. With that said, they may make a challenging test, but why would with they give all their secrets away? They DON’T! BUUUUT, we DO! We follow their exact curriculum and broke it down into a fun (kinda) easy to use course. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling prepared only to take a test that looks completely different than the exam in front of you. We know this and we’ve built a brand on being correct, consistent and helpful.

4. Start early – like really early

Give yourself some time to study. Not a week or two, but think in terms of months or quarters. Rome wasn’t conquered in a night and neither was the TEAS 6 exam. I’m guessing you probably have a life too, maybe even outside of school and tests…if not, you can skip to #5. But if you do, give yourself at minimum a few months to prepare. Life happens and it’s typically not in your control. Don’t let a freak accident, a party invite you were hoping for or last-minute road trip keep you from succeeding. Start early and you’ll never be sad you did. Don’t give yourself enough time and you’ll always regret it.

5. Teach someone else – the material you’ve been studying

This isn’t done enough in my opinion. It could easily be #1 on the list but it had to fall somewhere. Find a study partner and teach them the material (Not directly from our course. That would be stealing!) you’ve been studying. Teach them math concepts, reading strategies, and science tips. If you can teach it, you know it and you’ll never have to worry about the exam again. This is the fastest way to create long term memories of the material you’ve been studying. It’s imperative that you find a partner and practice teaching each other. Also, it’s fun so enjoy the process!

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