Nursing Students — strapped for time?— One Hour a Day is all it takes to conquer the TEAS 6 Exam!

How much time can you devote yourself to studying each day? If you can invest only one hour per day you are more likely to score higher than those who can only devote 30 minutes.

One hour is the perfect amount of time to spend on our TEAS 6 online course, and it ensures you will be prepared and ready on test day. Whether you think you are ready or not, one hour per day for 30 days will greatly increase your chances of success.

For some, one hour may seem impossible to devote because they may have issues focusing, a family to attend to, or just work fatigue. All of those reasons are understandable, so if that sounds like you we recommend that you break up the one hour into two sessions of thirty minutes each. By tackling 30 minutes early in the morning, and 30 minutes during your lunch break (it feels much more reasonable when you break it into chunks) you’ve easily accomplished more than your average test taker.

Trivium Test Prep’s ATI TEAS 6 Online Course was designed to help you fill one hour per day over a 30-day period. Each section is carefully created with this in mind. The information is presented in a manner that will be easy to review and retain. How do we do this? We leveraged our 40+ years of test prep experience and put together the most concise, and simplified information on the market. Seems simple right? It was designed exactly for the purposes of helping you retain the information you need to know, and not filling it with unnecessary (trivial) knowledge. While most apps on the market test you on everything, we found that to be a HUGE WASTE OF TIME. Learn what you need and nothing you don’t with Trivium Test Prep.

Ensure you are at your best on test day. Purchase our online course today and don’t delay. Invest in yourself and your future.

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